WHO I Am Photography EVENT in Heber, Utah April 2nd, 2011

Who I Am Portraiture is about capturing the LOOK, the SMILE, the GESTURE, that says.... "THAT IS TOTALLY ME!!!!"

Who are you? Who is your child....? Who are we REALLY- beneath the mask we show the world, beneath our insecurities, beneath those I SHOULD BE's.....?

It's time for a photo or a portrait that you or your loved ones, or a photo of you and your spouse or special someone- to see every day, REMINDING you WHO YOU ARE, who you are as a couple, and what you're committment is.

Look into the eyes of your portrait on those dark and stormy days, when REMEMBERING just how WONDERFUL you are, is a little foggy.

Come to 300 south Heber Main Street between 10:30am and 2pm to get your own WHO I AM portrait.
Every client will receive a portrait with and without wording.

Sitting fee (includes digital file of two portrait versions for each person)
for each additional member in your immediate family

Optional photo CD of edited images and copyrights available for $25

Can take Visa, Mastercard, or Cash.
Tour the boutique the sitting will be hosted at.

(Instead of those SUPER AWESOME school pics that cost an arm and a leg, this is a GREAT way to let me give your child the attention and care they deserve to document thier age this year.)