Editing Process STEP BY STEP

This is my IMAGE SOOC..... right as she looked up at her Daddy I got the pic!

Soooo, after a BASIC crop, I adjusted Color Curves lightening the MIDTONES, used the spot healer to hide the scratch on her nose, then SATURATED the colors by 10%, added 2% of warmth, and used the DODGE tool to lighten the dark circles under her eyes. FINALLY, I used the BLUR tool to smooth her skin slightly...( I'm a little ANTI- plastic skin and do my best to NOT over smooth skin)
I LOVE this color photograph, but my signature style is a VINTAGE COLOR Wash....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this face and pic, and even with ALL the work done so far... it is still more of a PURIST photographers photo...... I Am also a photographer who LOVES LOVES LOVES the new dynamic that TEXTURE adds to a photo... SO here's the final image with a TEXTURE I call VANILLA LACE at 30% transparency.....
Happy Editing everyone!!!!!

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