Adding EYE Lashes TUTORIAL

This is SOOC... Luckily I have SUCH a beautiful SUBJECT!!!

Here's the CROPPED Version! I chose to REALLY focus on JUST her GORGEOUS Eyes!!

On this I adjusted the LEVELS first:
the numbers are 10, 1, and 230
Then I SPOT cleared her practically FLAWLESS skin (Thank you for having that!)
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE to use the DODGE tool at 30% to lighten teeth... it's subtle and lightens without making them unaturally WHITE.
NOW.... HOW TO ADD EYELASHES... ( I do this ALL the time for all those ladies who wish they had a little more lusciousness on those lids!)

To make it SIMPLE:

I make my BURN brush SMALL usually a 10. (make sure it isn't at a HARD edge but a SOFT edge brush)
and I set the setting of the BURN tool to 50%
This makes sense for me, because versus using a COLOR-IN brush with black- the BURN naturally darkens the colors already there. I use the brush to follow the path of each EYE lash and add a little to the tip of each and then ADD in a couple extra lashes too...  The trick is to ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM in and to go slow and follow the lines that are already there.


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