HOW to CHOOSE WHAT TO WEAR for pictures??!!??

Becky Rhodes is my photography fashion consultant, who studied Fashion Merchandizing in college. When I do commercial model shoots, she is my GO-TO for putting outfits together.
Here's her advice if you are co-ordinating wedding parties, family groups, or just friends and photos!

"When dressing for pix I like to have no more than 3 colors.  If you are taking pix with a large group no matching your shirts.  Color examples:  navy, gray, and turquoise. 
Let people know the colors and let them pick what to wear that way you all look the same without being twins, and less stress on everyone.
You also need to remember that people are going to want to stick to one color of shoe and accessories so let them know if the accent colors are black, white, or brown that way you don't have one person in black shoes and one in brown (I hope no one would be wearing white shoes if it was past summer). 

What's the best way to find a color scheme.........Look in your closet, look at your families clothes and see what you have the most of and go with it, that will also cut down on extra costs, and just buy new pants or shoes. 

Me, I live for the shoes and start looking as soon as colors are picked.  Make sure you love ---I mean LOVE how you look; if you don't it will show in pix.
Dress for you body shape and ALWAYS have a "fashion friend" when trying on clothes.

(A fashion friend: is someone that will tell you the cold hard painful truth no matter what) Not all loose fitting clothes makes you look good sometimes it can make you look bigger then you are and you don't want to go too tight, keep the balance. 

Also make sure you have a photographer that knows how to have you stand to look your BEST that is key!!!  Don't stress if your hair is not perfect or your kids hair it will all work out in the end and you will love your pix until it's time to take new ones next year. 
If you’re sending them out for Christmas cards they don't have to be Christmas colors, unless you enjoy taking more pix throughout the year.  Keep it simple and low stress that way you will enjoy the experience.--

Becky Rhodes
Diva on a Dime

Need some examples??? Here's a link to my Pinterest Board!!!

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