So, you've scheduled your family photoshoot.... Outfits are picked and they co-ordinate with each other as well as your living room colors so you can hang the picture there.... Deposit is down with your favorite photographer who has a great portfolio and reputation, the location or studio is ready, those last ten pounds are gone and you've already "pre-tipped" your PHOTOG to take another ten LBS off in photoshop..... SO-----------last thing on the list: PRAY THAT KIDS CO-OPERATE!!!!!!!

So, here's some EASY Tips to "Help" your photographer BEFORE the PHOTOSHOOT even begins!!!

1. Arrange with your photographer a "flexible" shooting schedule. COMMUNICATE!!!!!! COMMUNICATE!!!!!! COMMUNICATE!!!!!!

As a photographer, I VALUE my time. Photoshoots are approximately 20% off the work I do on your finished product.
80% of my time is spent on processing your photos AFTER we meet so just like you, I want the photoshoot to go WELL and SEAMLESSLY and run ON-TIME.... however,
Showing up to a photoshoot with kids who have been crying and scolded to be on-time makes our photoshoot VERY challenging and recovering from their newfound "impression" of what this experience will be like is sometimes INSURMOUNTABLE.
I prefer for my clients to schedule a time... 4 o'clock for example with the understanding that they will CALL a half-hour before if they are running behind.
I would rather my clients be 15 minutes behind schedule due to a peaceful "getting ready" than have our photoshoot go an hour long because of unhappy kids.

Three things to do ON THE WAY to the photoshoot.
1. Laugh
2. Practice saying "CHEESE" and reward their smiles with APPLAUSE and PRAISE!!! (Hopefully, you've been doing this for a week)

Here's a secret.... if your kids are between the ages of 1.5 years and 4 years old.... MOST of your shots will BE CANDIDS. Get over it. :)
These will show the REAL personality of your tender sweet kiddos... and IF we get the PERFECT shot of them smiling the way you hope they will... Consider it a BONUS.


They will effect how quick we will finish. I will do my absolute best. I will have fun things to look at and I will be happy and patient. I will have mom-approved treats for bribery and I will let us "take breaks" from smiling.

BUT I ask that you ALLOW me to talk the way I talk to your kids. One of MY BEST tricks is to ask them to "Show me your Sad face." "Let's see your MAD face!" "Let's see your THINKING face." "Scary Face!!!!"
You'd be AMAZED at how when I THEN ask... "NOW What kind of Face???" KIDS ALWAYS CHIME IN "HAPPY FACE!!!!!" and we move on...


Photos ARE NOT what kids think of as "FUN." They get to look at a big black machine in front of a nice ladies face... smile over and over at nothing when they would rather be playing or exploring the new and exciting place they are visiting.

Whatever "rewards" are for your kids, DO IT. Maybe it's ice cream cones on the way home, a new video game, going to a park to play, earning a new barbie doll or hotwheel... BUT PLEASE REWARD them for their co-operation, they DESERVE it---  and I promise you will be paving the way for any future sessions you have.

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Diamonds and Divinity

My day job is Heirlooms... Diamonds to be exact, and when we get new lines of gemstones and diamonds, I call in my favorite models to test them out!!!!

Winter Fog in Utah

I have always been fascinated by Fog. It's both ethereal and menacing. I feel like I'm in a dream with ghosts emerging out of the stillness as I walk through it, and yet I never forget that my Grandfather and Great Grandfather died in the Fog; unable to see an oncoming train back when railroad crossing guard rails were rare, leaving my Grandma Jean an orphan and a widow with 4 young children.

I walked around Spring Lake and then Payson, Utah this morning. The serenity and peace was magical. I learned that often, the best places to photograph- aren't what you can see from the warmth of the car or the side of the road.... and I got to freeze my nose and toes as I hiked through the snow... but it was worth it.

To Be 4 Years Old

The GOOD NEWS is... He survived the RED SHARPIE attack by big brother...
Going on 3 bathtub face washes now... but the red is still there.

Boobies Brought us Together

Part of our journey on this Earth is to reach the depths of what we can assume we can endure... only to have those boundries obliterated as we face our greatest challenges, heartbreaks, and ultimately... triumphs.

Image Reborn Foundation is in the top 50 Non-profit Organizations in America and caters to serving Breast Cancer Survivors by hosting a 4 day retreat in Park City, Utah at NO COST for a handful of special women each month.

At these retreats, they are pampered, fed, catered to... and leading specialists, and doctors donate their time to meet with the women to speak with them in round-table fashion and answer any questions that arise, as well as serving to get them connected with further resources.

It is my experience, however, that one of the most beneficial gifts these women receive- is the closeness and sisterhood they create with the relationships they build during those four days.

Please contact me if you or someone you love deserves to get a little "girl time."

January Retreat 2013