Boobies Brought us Together

Part of our journey on this Earth is to reach the depths of what we can assume we can endure... only to have those boundries obliterated as we face our greatest challenges, heartbreaks, and ultimately... triumphs.

Image Reborn Foundation is in the top 50 Non-profit Organizations in America and caters to serving Breast Cancer Survivors by hosting a 4 day retreat in Park City, Utah at NO COST for a handful of special women each month.

At these retreats, they are pampered, fed, catered to... and leading specialists, and doctors donate their time to meet with the women to speak with them in round-table fashion and answer any questions that arise, as well as serving to get them connected with further resources.

It is my experience, however, that one of the most beneficial gifts these women receive- is the closeness and sisterhood they create with the relationships they build during those four days.

Please contact me if you or someone you love deserves to get a little "girl time."

January Retreat 2013

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