Winter Fog in Utah

I have always been fascinated by Fog. It's both ethereal and menacing. I feel like I'm in a dream with ghosts emerging out of the stillness as I walk through it, and yet I never forget that my Grandfather and Great Grandfather died in the Fog; unable to see an oncoming train back when railroad crossing guard rails were rare, leaving my Grandma Jean an orphan and a widow with 4 young children.

I walked around Spring Lake and then Payson, Utah this morning. The serenity and peace was magical. I learned that often, the best places to photograph- aren't what you can see from the warmth of the car or the side of the road.... and I got to freeze my nose and toes as I hiked through the snow... but it was worth it.


Wade The Rascal said...

I LOVE the first one. That's gotta be a Hallmark card or something! Sell it to them!!!
And the chain with the frost. Awesome!
Great photos, Katie Jo!

Katie Jo Welch said...

Thanks Wade. :)

Caroline White said...

I am totally and completely enchanted Katie. Thank you for sharing your gifts.