To The Girls... From Katie Jo Welch

From the time we are small, Girls are impressed upon to decide on what they want as the MAN OF THEIR DREAMS… so we do, and the list goes a little like this:

Tall, Dark, Handsome, Money, Cars, In Shape, Prince Charming, etc . etc….

Therefore, we learn and teach generationally to narrow down the specs on ALL those things about a MAN that do not matter….. In addition, we get them; we find, create men who have money, have good bodies, money, houses, and in our marriages we feel lost… alone, distraught. We look at our men and wonder why we got what we got.

I am a sincere and passionate believer of asking for what you want out of life, of claiming, of focusing your dreams, but let us teach ourselves and our children to escape the world of physical imitation.

Instead of a “Tall” man, know that you deserve a man of stature. One who stands tall, regardless the challenge, or temptation or odds. One who knows whom he is, who has confidence in his worth and value. A man of courage.

Instead of a “Dark” man, know that however dark his hair may be—it will or will not last. Do not put too much stock in it.

Instead of a “Handsome” man, choose a man that takes care of himself. That HONORS his body with health and wellness. That abstains from toxins and addictions. That sees the body as a house for the SOUL and knows the rarity and pricelessness in a SOUL.

Instead of “Money,” choose to have a man of INTEGRITY, INDUSTRY, AMBITION and the Money will come.

Instead of “Cars,” know that nice cars that do not travel anywhere might as well be doorstops. Invest in the future; retirements, properties, education, and the cars will come, will be paid for in cash, and eventually overlooking a beach somewhere at twilight with the security that you have the time and money to relax.

“In Shape” is not as important as a man who values HEALTH in Mind, Body, and Spirit. Choose a man who nourishes all three.

Instead of “Prince Charming,” choose a man of sincerity and truth, compassion, sensitivity, and love. When you choose this, and he says “charming” words, you can trust them.

Women are shapers of the world. As we define what we deserve in our relationships and of the men in our lives and then LIVE our own lives in the knowledge that we are WORTHY of such a man, that we are EQUAL to such a man, and make choices that mirror-image what we request; it will be our reality and we create Heaven on Earth.


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