I'm Katie Jo.

WHY am I a photographer? Long or Short answer?

I'll start with telling you my "mission statement".... right? Every business has a mission statement.... lol.

I commit to see the beauty of YOU. Of the moment. Of the time of your life and the lives of your loved ones. I promise you this. I promise you I will look for it.... those candid, tender, lapses of time when your guard is down and the REAL you-the beautiful you, the monumental, FABULOUS YOU shines through the persona of SHOULDs.... and I will capture that. I GIFT that to you. A reflection of YOU in your MAGNIFICENCE.
I commit to it. To see you in your uniqueness and to HOORAY you for it.

WHY am I a photographer???? Because I want everyone to have photos. They are our heirlooms. They are more precious than gold. Don't believe me....? Look through any albums you have of those people you love--- what are they worth to you?

Think of some of the most life changing world changing news stories and events of the last 100 years....is it the story that comes to mind? OR the photograph that perfectly represents that story to you?

I am a story teller. Images are my medium.

I am passionate about kids, about events, about people. I love to serve.
I am most proud of my work with survivors of diseases, and of my WHO ARE YOU Portfolio. My mission someday is to take that Album/Portfolio World Wide.

In case you're wondering... it's just pictures of kids holding chalkboards that start with the two words "I AM..."
You will be amazed by their answers.

Let's talk. Let's change the world together.

Katie Jo

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