I was 30 years old before I learned I have Cherokee blood running through my veins. In 2011 I was blessed to meet Parisha Taylor "Little Grandmother" leader of the Cherokee People and Member of United Nations. She told me even one drop of blood was enough.

Native American heritage or not... there is deep magic in Mother Earth and Father Sky. There are messages of God and Life and Light all around us.

I am an Artist. I am a Creator.

Here is some of my work:
For Centuries Native Americans have used Drums and Their Beating sticks for healing, peace, war, passion, and creation.
There are many of us still using this art. The idea is that all things have INTENTION. SO your message combined with the VIBRATION of the sound... echoes through the universe.

Dual sided Drum. This is a commissioned piece.

Butterfly Drum. Commissioned Piece.




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